Our Plans

We offer customized solutions to suit your needs and budget. Just consult our customer care representative after your first service is done.

I. Preventive Maintenance Plan

  • Protecting the interior of the stone with a Penetrating Sealer.
  • Proper walks-off entrance matting.
  • Understanding your stone, chemicals, and procedures.

II. Regular Maintenance Plan

High traffic areas (commercial properties) with softer stones like travertine need monthly maintenance plans.

Residential homes with 3 people or less and where residents take their shoes off or change into indoor slippers, will need biennial plans (once every two years).

  • Regular Maintenance Plan includes
      • Wet mopping with a mopping program.
      • Repairing pits and cracks with epoxy or glues.
      • Prompt spill pick-ups to prevent etching and staining.
      • Powder polishing to receive polished finishes.
      • Reabsorbing stains with poultice powders.

III. Restoration Plan

  • We will repair damaged stone by resurfacing with a diamond abrasive program to remove scratches, abrasions, and traffic patterns.
  • Deep cleaning of the pores of honed, flamed, or polished ground floors.