Why Choose Us

A good marble maintenance crew should have three basic abilities:

First, the ability to distinguish the material.  Is the material in question a travertine? Or is it lime stone? Which type of marble quarry does it belong to? A Spanish Crema Marfil or an Italian White Carrara? Different materials mean different compositions and treatments.  It is essential to know the material before any medical work is done to the stone and WE KNOW STONE, because we were stone traders before we became maintenance experts. From 1984 – 1996 we were the marble pioneers and imported different stones from all over the world.

Second, experience installing and fabricating marble or granite. Before we became maintenance and restoration experts, EverBrite installed and fabricated – thus we can replace or repair any cracks, including chipped kitchen counters! Double bull nose for you!

Third and most importantly, an understanding of how chemicals will react in different environments. To polish and restore marble floors, you must use chemicals and different materials will react differently to the same chemical.  Our founder Mr. Tony Yang has a masters in environmental engineering and has also been trained in Japan for Sealer Technologies so he has experience working with these chemicals.